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Qwi will attend the Energy Virtual Conference

Engineers, scientists and analysts around the world will attend the Energy Virtual Conference, organized by The MathWorks next March 25, to learn how the energy that world needs is managed. The Energy Virtual Conference will show some real examples about the use of MATLAB and Simulink by proffesionals in order to evaluate the energetic resources, develop systems to generate and distribute the energy, model energetic markets, and make products which consume less energy.
With over 600 registered people from 50 countries, Energy Virtual Conference is a unique opportunity to learn from your colleagues. This Virtual Conference offers everything that an on-site conference could offer to you, live presentations (with questions and answers), an exhibition hall and a “networking” lounge.
The conference will present applications for electric companies, oil gas, solar energy and hybrid vehicles. Along with the 8 presentations based on real examples, the next issues will be treated:

  • Wind Power Plant Modeling for Real-Time Simulation.
  • Delivering Innovation across the Electrical Grid.
  • Flexible Wind Data Processing with MATLAB.
  • Modeling Thermodynamics in Energy.
  • Hybrid vehicles control strategies to maximize Vehicle Efficiency via Model-Based Design.

Register now to the Energy Virtual Conference: