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Qwi founding partner of SoLiMadrid

  • IT sector

Qwi has participated in the foundation of SoLiMadrid, the Open Source Association of Madrid.
SoLiMadrid was born with the objectives of promoting and divulging the priority use of Open Source in general and, specially, in the scope of companies and public and private entities established in the Comunity of Madrid, defending the use of opened standards in the implementation based in any technologies, promoting research and the developments based in Open Source technologies, motivating the promotion and colaboration of Open Source companies, serving as a valid interlocutor with the Public Administration, and, finally, collaborating and cooperating with other regional, national and international organizations which have the same purpose.
On the other hand, the projection of SoLiMadrid goes beyond the Comunity, since, despite its recent creation, it is a member of the National Association of Federated Companies of Open Source (ASOLIF – Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Software Libre Federadas), which will be officially launched next friday February 29 at Almendralejo.
This presentation will take place at an event in which an agreement will be signed between the National Centre of Information Technologies Application and Communication based in Open Source (CENATIC – Centro Nacional de Referencia de Aplicación de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación basadas en fuentes abiertas) and ASOLIF. This agreement is one of the causes that make that Business Association to set its location at Badajoz.