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Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub (GSGIH)

Qwi T.I. attended Innovation Week, which starts on 15 November and is included in the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub congress sponsored by Iberdrola.

A space located in Bilbao, where innovation is the starting point and whose ultimate goal is to provide a global response to the energy transition and all the challenges it responsive.

More than 80 collaborating entities and companies with more than 200 professionals participated in the centre, which aims to promote the electricity grids of the future with I+D+I developments.

The Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub’s objectives are digitalisation, flexibility, electric mobility and self-consumption, mainly focused on innovation in smart grids of the future.

Qwi T.I. engineering department attended Innovation Week, paying special attention to smart grid development projects, as unprecedented transformations are taking place and electricity grids are becoming part of the energy revolution with a view to a more green future.