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Breakfast meeting on ‘Commercial Risk Management’

AEPA – Asociación de Empresarios y Profesionales de Alcorcón (Businessmen and Professionals Association of Alcorcón), which Qwi belongs to, organizes jointly with CESCE (Integrated Risk Management) a breakfast meeting to expose the sector and its related services.

Qwi will attend the Energy Virtual Conference

Engineers, scientists and analysts around the world will attend the Energy Virtual Conference, organized by The MathWorks next March 25, to learn how the energy that world needs is managed. The Energy Virtual Conference will show some real examples about the use of MATLAB and Simulink by proffesionals in order to evaluate the energetic resources, develop systems to generate and distribute the energy, model energetic markets, and make products which consume less energy.

Call for papers of AEEE

The Spanish Association for Energetic Economy (AEEE – Asociación Española para la Economía Energética) celebrates its 5th congress on January 21 and 22, 2010 at the Centro Social Caixanova de Vigo (Social Centre Caixanova of Vigo).