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The energy industry is exceptionally relevant due to its strategic value, which is aggravated by its intrincate reality. As of today, energy companies have to face constant industry disruption and shifting requirements from their customer base. This means software engineering related to the energy industry is a highly demanding work field. It calls for constant innovation and the hability to provide dynamic solutions in real time, all while being able to meet very specific requirements in an ever changing environment.

Our work at Qwi is geared towards supporting leading energy industry participants. Our ample experience providing custom solutions for the energy industry has given us profound understanding of the industry’s work flow and ever changing demands. The need for immediate information processing and automation is met with our technical know-how. To do so, we make use of novel techniques of data acquisiton, process automation, high efficiency algorithms and custom software integration.

Some of our former experience in this industry involves work with network reference models, integration with leading market operators, development and improvement of contract management systems and complex calculations such as needed guarantees for national energy markets such as OMIP and POWERNEXT.

As a whole, our experience involves a wide range of projects related to this essential field, which gives us extended knowledge of the energy industry’s rythms and needs.

Network reference models

Contract management system

Equivalent network modeling

Network state estimation algorithms

Cálculo del flujo de potenOptimal power flow calculationcia óptimo

Network power flow algorithms