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Automated Trading

The Stock Market is a highly demanding field where every single decision matters. There is no room for doubt, as the smallest delay could entail substantial losses, just like hurried movements would do. Actions should be precise and measured to an extent human analysis rarely meets. Because of this, the best alternative and the key to success lays in automation mechanisms and quantitative trading.

Our experience at Qwi has shown us the ways in which data analysis can pose a difference in trading strategies. Quantitative analysis and time series modeling guarantee the highest standard of objectivity during the decision making process. We trust numbers and the truth they hold.

Quantitative trading ensures risks are calculated to the mínimum. From automated strategies to reduce the chances of the trader’s analysis paralysis, to portfolio diversification for minimising uncertainty. We provide the means for successful trading operations, based on principles of real time data collection, thorough analysis and tools for growth and strategy scalation. We hold valuable experience in strategy integration and execution, using primary Exchanges APIs, such as Interactive Brokers or Binance, among others.

With a wide portfolio related to finances, we are confident in our expertise to work in such a demanding field. At the same time, our background on engineering allows us to think outside the box, all while taking advantage of our knowledge on data analytics, artificial intelligence and software engineering.

Quantitative analysis

Portfolio diversification

Automated strategies

Quantitative approach

Oaksap Quantitative Trading is our dedicated solution for smart trading.
We apply our principles of automation and trusting objective information in order to design and apply completely automated trading strategies.

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