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About us

Qwi is born because of a shared interest in technological innovation. Back in the early 2000’s, when current technologies were just a dream of a distant future, we saw everything that could be attained through the available advancements. We observed the growing sources of information and how varied the resulting data was. We pictured a future not so distant to our current reality: one where information was so abundant that, without the right techniques to take it to use, it was rendered useless. Like so, our work, geared towards taking advantage to this information, and perfecting the use of the technology itself, began.

We carefully considered what is needed for using information to its full potentiall: We concluded that optimising data sources, thorough analysis and process automation are the pillars over which precise data intelligence systems are built. However, we did not want to stop there. After all, what is the point of refined data if there is no system to put it to Good use? So, we turned these tools for data excellence into our main focus.

After more than 15 years of having these elements present through all our work, we have contrived what has evolved to be our overall philosophy: to trust data. We convey this principle to our clients in every step taken to fulfill their requirements: From baseline analysis to the final steps of deployment, each piece of information is essential to their business process.

In order to do so, we use cutting-edge technologies that allow us to fulfill our goals of optimisation and automation. All of our developments comply with quality standards required by the industry, which in turn have a positive impact in our clients’ business processes.



Data trust

All these years of technological expertise and forward thinking are backed by our many appeased clients. Coming from varying industries, such as logistics, management, telecommunications and the energy industry, they not only get to integrate data intelligence solutions into their workflow. Moreover, our clients are encouraged to get involved throughout the development process. We work hand in hand with them to make sure their requirements are fulfilled and they see the significance of data.